Medium Duty Cable Socks (Pulling Grips)

Contact us now Slingco produce a full range of medium duty cable socks – also known as wire mesh grips, cable stockings, Chinese fingers, pulling grips or cable grips – specifically designed for pulling cable, strain relief or cable support. These pulling grips are made from galvanized wire rope or stainless steel wire rope and are available in a variety of designs, depending on the particular application for which the cable grip is intended to be used.

SE Type

SE Type - Single Eye Cable Socks
These single eye products are ideal for pulling cable of medium to heavy load; typically a standard application would be a cable pull of a single or group of cables, where additional support is unnecessary, or if used in conjunction with other cable grips.

DE Type

DE Type - Double Eye Cable Socks
These double eye pulling grips are ideal for pulling and supporting medium to heavy loads; the main advantage over the single eye grip is, since the cable being pulled can be passed through the grip, several grips can be used to support a cable over a calculated distance.

L Type

L Type - Lace Up Cable Socks
Lace up pulling grips are ideal for pulling medium to heavy loads; the L-type is fitted to the cable being pulled by stitching it together, like a football. Mainly used where a standard cable grip can’t be fitted over a connector at the end of a cable.

F Type

OS Type – Offset Eye Cable Socks
The offset or fleeting eye cable grip is a cross between the S Type single eye and double eye products. If you can imagine a double eye with one eye missing or a single eye with a hole for the cable to pass through then you have the offset eye cable grip. Primarily for use when offset positioning is required and the cable passes completely through the grip.

O Type

O Type - Open Ended Cable Socks
These pulling grips are ideal for joining two cables to form a continuous loop. Typical application: replacement of elevator cables, where the old cable would be attached to the new one, and the cable then fed round with ease.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Pulling Grip
This grip features a double weave design manufactured from galvanized wire rope. Used for the installation of fiber optic cables for either overhead or underground applications.

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