Conduit Riser Cable Grip

Contact us now A conduit riser cable grip is a single weave grip, incorporating a support ring, and is designed for the support of electrical cabling in the building and construction trade, particularly multi-storey constructions involving extensive use of conduits – vertically suspended and sloping – to allow cables to be fed from one floor to the next. These cable grips are for permanent support of vertically suspended electrical cable that requires strain relief due to its self weight.

These Slingco-manufactured conduit riser cable grips for cable suspension are designed to support electrical power cable runs in vertical or sloping conduits, providing support for the cables and taking the strain from the junction. In doing so, the installation of conduit riser cable grips for safe and effective cable suspension helps to eliminate the possibility of damage, strain or other stress to the electrical cable. The cable is fed through the grip, also known as a cable sock, Chinese finger, Chinese finger grip, cable stocking or wire mesh grip. The use of a ring at the top of the grip provides a means of support. As the cable grip takes the strain of the electrical cable, the mesh tightens and provides effective support.

Slingco manufactures a range of cable grip products including single eye cable grips, double eye cable grips, offset eye cable grips, lace ucable grips, open ended cable grips; products for specialist applications such wind turbine cable grips and conduit riser cable grips; fiber optic pulling grips; applications requiring non-metallic (Aramid) cable grips with single eye, double eye or offset eye; support cable grips and custom pulling grips with large diameters and long lengths, which can be woven to special order. Slingco also supplies a full range of cable pulling accessories to suit different mesh grips includes cable laying rollers, pulling lubes, line swivels and feed tubes.

So if you have an off-shore application that requires conduit riser cable grips, then please contact us either by phone, fax or email to discuss your specific requirements for Slingco cable grips.

Conduit Riser Cable Grip

Conduit Riser Cable Grip
A single weave grip, with a support ring, designed for the support of electrical cabling.

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